Hi, I'm John Medrek


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Who I am

Computer Science Student at UConn

I've lived in the New England Area all my life. Born in Massachusetts, raised in Connecticut. Living here provided me with the opportunity to go to CREC's Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, a magnet high school in greater Hartford. At my high school, I was able to pursue my favorite school subject and my current college major.

Right now I'm a junior at the University of Connecticut, studying computer science. I'm also a student developer for UConn's Digital Experience Group, and a research assistant for UConn's CPS Lab. When I graduate in 2025, I plan to become a software engineer.

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My Projects

What I've accomplished as a developer

The Adventures of Shamrock Sholmes You Dodged a Bullet CFNI Calculator Grant Trails BCM App Student Timesheet VeRNet VisTSN Random Stock Picker Spotify Clone