DXG StaffTimesheet

August 2023

My first internal project for UConn's DXG is in its prototyping stages. Laravel was my framework of choice, and so far has been a joy to work with (compared to plain PHP). The codebase makes use of the Model-View-Controller design pattern, an efficient way to show data in a way where changes to it persist to the source.

The project is so far a list of time sheets (one for each student employee of DXG), and has a basic authentication system set up. A user can log in, create a new project, and add reports that describe when they've clocked in and out. This web app aims to replace the current system we have: a Google sheet combined with UConn's Cider billing system. When it's done, this will replace all of COR2E's timekeeping and may do the same for other organizations around campus.